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Fall 2024 Virtual Classes

Welcome to our online supplemental classes! Our classes are designed to provide students the flexibility to learn from home or on the go.  Join us today and unlock a world of exciting learning opportunities!

We offer both year-round classes and 12-week classes.  Our year-round classes are charged monthly!  Anyone can join these at any point in the school year.


Our 12-week classes run on a different schedule than our in person classes. These dates are listed under the 12-week class description.

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Class Lineup

Year-Round Classes

The following classes are run year-round and are charged monthly.  Students can join or leave anytime during the year.  These classes cost $50 a month for one meeting per week.

If you sign up for more than one meeting of the same class, we provide a 50% discount for each additional meeting (+$25). 

*Step-up/FES-UA and PEP direct providers

*All Class times are in EST and held on zoom

PERT Math Prep

Monday @ 12 PM

Tuesday @ 2 PM

Wednesday @ 12 PM

Wednesday @ 2 PM

Led by Ms. Tara

Strengthen your algebra foundations and boost your mathematical confidence! This focused course is ideal for students preparing for high school Algebra, those aiming to improve their skills for tests like the PERT, or anyone looking to solidify their basic algebra knowledge.

In this class, you'll:
Master fundamental algebra concepts with clear, straightforward instruction
Practice core skills through numerous examples and exercises
Gain confidence with step-by-step problem solving
Improve your accuracy and speed in algebraic calculations
Prepare for success in future math courses and assessments


Our course focuses on building a strong foundation in basic algebra, using straightforward questions to reinforce learning. With an emphasis on core concepts and plenty of practice, you'll develop the skills and confidence needed for success in high school math and beyond.
Whether you're preparing for your next math class, looking to excel on placement tests, or simply want to strengthen your algebra skills, this course provides the focused practice you need. Join us to build your mathematical confidence and set yourself up for future success!

Suggested Ages: 12+.  Students must feel comfortable working independently in a study hall environment.


PERT Reading and Writing Prep

Reading: Tuesday @ 3 PM

Writing: Wednesday @ 3 PM

Led by Ms. Naomi

Learn and practice the grammar and reading comprehension skills needed to pass the PERT writing and reading tests.  The PERT Reading class is on Monday and PERT Writing is on Tuesday.  Each week, the teacher will teach one of the concepts found on the test during class and provide practice. An IXL account will be provided, and additional practice will be assigned for homework.

Suggested Ages: 12+

IXL Study Halls


Friday @ 11 AM: Led by Ms. Tara

Language Arts

Friday @ 12 PM: Led by Ms. Naomi

Sharpen your language arts and math skills in our personalized IXL study halls.  An IXL account will be provided, and our experienced teachers will assign practice for students to work on in and outside of class.

Suggested ages: 10+

Small Group Math

Groups of 2-4 students who are all learning on the same level.  These groups are scheduled based on availability and can be joined year-round.  Pricing varies depending on the number of students in each group.

Please contact for more information.

Book Clubs

All book clubs led by Ms. Naomi

Join us in unlocking the magic of books and fostering a love for reading that lasts a lifetime.

Please research each book before signing up to make sure that it is the right fit for your child!

City of Ghosts: Monday @ 2 PM

Embark on a spine-tingling journey as we delve into Victoria Schwab's "City of Ghosts."
This book club will explore the ghostly adventures of Cassidy Blake in Edinburgh, discussing themes of friendship, bravery, and the thin veil between the living and the dead. We'll unravel mysteries, analyze supernatural elements, and discuss the book's vivid setting.
Recommended for ages 9 and up, this club is perfect for young readers who enjoy a mix of spooky tales and heartwarming friendships.
Weekly reading goals will be set to ensure engaging discussions. Get ready to step into a world where history and the supernatural collide!


The Mouse and the Motorcycle: Tuesday @ 11 AM

Zoom into adventure as we explore Beverly Cleary's classic, "The Mouse and the Motorcycle."
This charming book club will introduce young readers to the delightful world of Ralph S. Mouse and his daring escapades. We'll discuss friendship, responsibility, and the power of imagination.
Ideal for readers aged 7 and up, this club offers a perfect blend of fun and learning. We'll engage in creative activities inspired by the book, enhancing reading comprehension and fostering a love for storytelling.
Come join us for weekly discussions, character analysis, and mouse-sized adventures!


Gregor the Overlander: Tuesday @ 4 PM

Join Ms. Naomi for an exciting journey into the underground world of Suzanne Collins' "Gregor the Overlander."
In this book club, we'll follow Gregor's thrilling adventures in the Underland, discussing themes of courage, destiny, and family. Each week, we'll explore character development, plot twists, and the rich world-building that makes this series so captivating.
Suggested for ages 12 and up, this club is perfect for young readers who love fantasy, adventure, and thought-provoking storylines.
Weekly reading assignments will be given to fuel our lively discussions. Get ready to unlock the secrets of the Underland!


Dungeons & Dragons: Late Night

Tuesday 7:30 - 9:00

Led By: Christian

Explore the quaint town of saltmarsh, fight dangerous monsters, make new friends. 

Ages: 12+

Minecraft Social: Java

Friday 12:00 - 1:30

Led By: Christian

Go on adventures and enjoy fun competitions in the Minecraft world. 

Suggested Ages: 10+


Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures

Friday 2:00 - 3:30

Led By: Christian

Embark on a journey while making new friends! 

Ages: 12+

12-Week Classes

The following classes are 12-weeks long.  Each 12-week class is $120 for the semester.  The only exceptions are Art ($100) and classes that meet twice a week ($207). These exceptions will be listed in the class descriptions.

September 2nd - Week 1

September 9th- Week 2

September 16th - Week 3

September 23rd - Week 4

September 30th - Week 5

October 7th - OFF

October 14th - Week 6

October 21st - Week 7

October 28th - Week 8

November 4th - Week 9

November 11th - Week 10

November 18th - Week 11

November 25th - OFF

December 2nd - Week 12

*Step-up/FES-UA and PEP direct providers

*All Class times are in EST and held on zoom

Math Classes

College Algebra Foundations

Wednesday @ 10 AM

Led by Ms. Tara

Bridge the gap between high school and college math in this stress-free and engaging course. This class introduces key concepts typically covered in college algebra, providing a strong foundation for future mathematical studies.

Students should have already mastered Algebra 1 skills.  If you need help with algebra foundations or algebra 1, see PERT Math.

Suggested Ages: 12+

Language Arts Classes

Monologue Mastery

Monday @ 1 PM

Led by Ms. Naomi

Monologue Mastery is a unique course designed for students interested in both theater and literature. This class blends the art of dramatic performance with creative writing and critical reading skills.

Students will:
Analyze famous monologues from literature and stage, enhancing reading comprehension and interpretation skills.
Learn techniques for crafting original monologues, developing creative writing abilities.
Practice performing both classic and self-written monologues, improving public speaking and acting skills.
Receive constructive feedback on their writing and performances from our experienced acting instructor.


This course aims to boost confidence, creativity, and literary understanding while providing a solid foundation in dramatic arts.  

No prior acting experience required.

Suggested Ages:  10+

The Writing Quest: Worlds Beyond

Tuesday @ 12 PM

Led by Ms. Naomi

The Writing Quest: Worlds Beyond is an immersive creative writing course that focuses on the art of world-building in fantasy and science fiction. Students will learn to craft rich, detailed universes for their stories, developing unique settings, cultures, and systems of magic or technology.

Key aspects of the course:
Explore techniques for creating believable and captivating fictional worlds
Develop consistent rules for magic systems or futuristic technologies
Create diverse cultures, societies, and ecosystems
Learn to balance world-building with compelling storylines
Complete a series of writing exercises and a final project featuring an original world


Note: In the Spring semester, we'll offer a sequel class focusing on character development. Students will have the opportunity to populate their created worlds with complex, engaging characters, further developing their storytelling skills.

Suggested Ages: 8+

Beyond High School: Writing for Academic Excellence

Wednesday @ 11 AM

Led by Ms. Naomi

Beyond High School: Writing for Academic Excellence is a focused course designed to bridge the gap between high school composition and college-level academic writing. This class equips students with essential writing skills and techniques crucial for success in higher education and beyond.

Key features:
Master the fundamentals of academic essay writing and research papers
Learn proper formatting techniques for college-level assignments
Enhance critical reading abilities for academic texts
Learn effective research strategies and proper citation techniques
Gain experience with various academic writing styles


What sets this course apart:
Curriculum aligned with current college writing expectations
Practical assignments mirroring common college coursework
Personalized feedback to help each student grow as a writer
Introduction to digital research tools and academic databases


Whether you're college-bound or seeking to elevate your writing skills, this course provides the techniques and confidence needed to excel in academic environments.

New this semester: Increased focus on proper formatting for academic papers and accessible literary analysis, preparing students for the diverse writing tasks they'll encounter in college.

Suggested Ages: 12+

Myths and Legends: From Page to Pen

Wednesday @ 12 PM

Led by Ms. Naomi

Myths and Legends: From Page to Pen combines reading comprehension and creative writing to explore timeless stories from various cultures. Students will analyze classic myths and legends, then use them as inspiration for their own original tales.

Key aspects of the course:
Read and analyze myths and legends from diverse cultural traditions
Develop critical reading skills through guided discussions and comprehension exercises
Identify common themes, archetypes, and narrative structures in mythological stories
Practice creative writing by reimagining classic myths or creating original legends
Complete a final project that demonstrates both reading comprehension and creative writing skills

Suggested Ages: 8+

Unlocking Words: Dyslexia-Friendly Reading and Writing

Wednesday @ 4 PM

Led by Ms. Naomi

Discover your reading and writing superpowers! This engaging course is designed for students who think and learn differently. We'll explore fun, effective strategies to boost your spelling confidence and reading fluency. Learn cool tricks like:
Using dyslexia-friendly fonts to make words behave
Turning your computer into a proofreading buddy
Cracking the code of tricky words with memory techniques
Join us to transform challenges into strengths and make reading and writing easier and more enjoyable!

Suggested Ages: 10+

Spanish Classes

All Spanish classes led by Señor Daniel

Spanish 1

Monday & Thursday @ 11 AM

Monday & Wednesday @ 4 PM

¡Bienvenidos! Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of the Spanish language as you learn essential vocabulary, grammar, and conversational skills. From greetings and everyday phrases to cultural insights, our class offers an interactive and engaging experience!

Suggested Ages: 8+

This class meets twice a week (either Monday & Thursday or Monday & Wednesday).  Cost: $207.

Spanish 2

Tuesday & Wednesday @ 1 PM

Continue your journey through the Spanish language. This is for students who have taken our Spanish 1 class or who have had some introduction to the Spanish language in the past.

Suggested Ages: 8+

This class meets twice a week. Cost: $207

Español Exploradores (Spanish Explorers)

Monday @ 10 AM

¡Hola! Join the Español Exploradores on a weekly journey through the Spanish-speaking world! Young learners will discover new words, phrases, and cultural tidbits as they learn from a native Spanish speaker. Through songs, games, and interactive activities, children will build a foundation in Spanish while fostering a love of a new language.

Suggested Ages: 5+

Cantamos y Contamos (We Sing and We Count)

Thursday @ 10 AM

In Cantamos y Contamos, little learners will sing, count, and play their way to Spanish fluency! Each week, children will be immersed in the rhythm and sounds of the Spanish language through catchy songs, fun counting games, and playful rhymes. This musical approach to language learning will have kids speaking Spanish before they know it!
Suggested Ages: 5+

ASL Classes


Monday @ 3 PM

Led by Ms. Kaitlyn

Welcome to our fun filled ASL class! Through playful activities, songs, and colorful visuals, students will delight in learning basic ASL signs, fostering early communication skills in a vibrant and inclusive environment.

Suggested Ages: 5+

French Classes

French 1

Monday/Thursday @ 12 PM

Led by Ms. Any

Discover the joy of speaking French! Students will embark on a fun-filled journey into the French language and culture, learning essential vocabulary, basic grammar, and simple conversational phrases.

Suggested Ages: 8+

This class meets twice a week (Monday & Thursday).  Cost: $207.


Art: Inside and Outside the Box

Monday @ 4 PM

Led by Ms. Heather

Come join us this semester for art: painting, drawing, mixed media. Designed for beginners and intermediate. 

This semester we will see how drawing helps you paint. We will see examples of several different mediums including perspective, shading, shadows, acrylic paint, watercolor paint, colored pencils, crayons, charcoals, graphite, soft pastels, wood, paper, canvas, and more

Stay with the lesson or dive into your own artistic visions as we view famous artists through history. Observe their style, ask questions and explore through their mediums. 

Every student will be required to provide and bring to each class the following: 

Sketch/drawing pad (5x7 or 8x10 preferred). 
A set of 8-10 craft paints or acrylic paints 
A few brushes
A pad of Mixed Media paper or watercolor paper. Any size is okay. At least 15 sheets.

*** Note: All the lessons will be recorded for future reference. So, in the case that you miss a class, you'll be able to watch it on my You Tube channel. (All kids will have avatars or be blurred for discretion.) 

Suggested Ages: 8+

Price: $100 (materials not included)


Conspiracies Class

Friday @ 11 AM

Led by Coach Will

Let's get to the bottom of conspiracies like JFK, 9/11, UFOs, Chemtrails, Illuminati and more as we dive into the rabbit hole of the hidden and the unexplained.

Suggested Ages: 12+

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